Annual Membership

Weaver Acres made the decision when it was started to transition to a member-supported Farm when the time was right.  Being a member supported farm will allow us to provide the maximum value to our client base while giving back to the community by providing access to a hands-on agricultural experience conveniently located on the Durham/Orange County Line.  This also allows us to offer members only products, events and u-pick days unlike any other Farm in the area. Members become in effect a shareholder and sustainer of the farm – with a limited number available you can know that we are growing for you and our community!

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What The Deal With Membership?

Online Store – Early Access  ✔

CSA Enrollment – Early Access  ✔ 

CSA Discount  ✔

U-Pick Fruit, Flower, Veggie Days – Free Admission  ✔

Free Farm Tours  ✔

Enrollment in Buyers Club for Bulk Purchase Options  ✔

Exclusive Access to Value Add Products  ✔

Limited number available 



Features and Benefits of Annual Membership

  • The knowledge that you have directly contributed to the start-up of a small farm run by first generation farmers (something we need much more of).
  • Early access and a discount off the regular price for our 2020 Spring/Summer and 20/21 Fall/Winter CSA (weekly veggie subscription) (link to csa page), online order platform and our Customized Weekly Veggie Boxes. If picking your own fruits and vegetables isn’t for you then we can have your order ready to go every week (or 2x per week).  Simply sign-up for our CSA for automatic shares of the harvest (weekly veggie box subscription) or order a single box share from our online store.  We will harvest, pack and condition your produce to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life. Pick up days and order cutoff information to follow.
  • Unlimited Family Access to our Fruit and Veggie U-Pick Operations starting Spring 2020 (that’s right! U-pick strawberries, flowers, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, peppers, green beans, squash, melons and much, much, more). Dig your own roots days included!  Bring the whole family and learn all about how, where and why your food is grown the way it is!  Join us for the garlic, potato and onion harvests to pre-purchase and store what you need.
  • U-Pick open to Non-members $5.00/adult $2.00/child Members – No Charge
  • Pick your own produce subject to purchase – per pound prices posted on farm
  • Early Access and Pre-Order Availability for Spring Transplants.  Order early and shop early for tomato plants, pepper plants, herbs, perennials and more for your home garden.
  • Members only and exclusive access to a number of other local products we are providing from other farms and producers. [read more – hiding remaining text] Our online store will evolve and feature many new items as they become seasonably available.  Future products available for preorder will include but are not limited to: eggs, nuts, grains, honey, sorghum, jams, preserves, pickles and canned goods.
  • Sporadic Farm Newsletter with recipes, tips and menu plans for the home that make eating farm-to-table easy and accessible
  • First Right of Refusal for tickets to Special Events
  • Members will also have Free Access to a handful of events and classes on the farm each year including our Beginner Gardening Class, Kids Gardening Class, Farm Fun Days and Food Truck Farm-to-Table Event

Membership FAQ’s

  • Q: How much is it?
  • A: A Family Membership is $125/yr
  • Q: Why are you a membership based farm?
  • A: We are a membership based farm because of our unique business model.  Unlike Costco and Amazon we use the annual dues collected towards supporting a small farm and providing a hands-on agricultural experience in our community.
  • Q: How are my dues used to support hands-on agriculture in my community?
  • A: Thanks to the dues collected from our members we are able to conduct certain classes, host events and field trips as well as contribute food directly to the community at no cost and without charge.  As much as 33% of all dues collected are used to give back to the community annually through these outlets. Additional uses of the money include the ongoing development of the farm, maintaining the farm for public access and to make improvements to the member experience.  100% of the membership dues collected are used on the farm.
  • Q: What else are the membership dues used for?
  • A: As stated before 100% of all membership dues are used for the farm.  Specifically, we use these funds to support our soil-building practices, natural growing practices and employment practices.  Additional uses include the import of beneficial insects as well as the planting of beneficial flora and fauna.